SUNY Oneonta TRANSFER, Requirements (2.3 GPA, 24 Credits) (Midterm Grades Required)

I feel like I just screwed up my acceptance into this school. My first semester of college I had ended it with a 2.73 gpa, so i had one A, one B, and the rest were C+'s. I sent my transcript to them last December and I thought I was on the right track.
I feel like I messed up for midterms the following semester, and so far I have failed one, the rest were B, A, and one I haven’t got yet.

Did I just screw up my chance to transfer to another college? I’m applying for EOP as well and the minimum GPA is 2.3 along with 24 credits. I failed one so does this mean I lost my chance and should expect a rejection letter?

I was kinda in the same dilemma last semester with one course, I had a D in it but finished the semester with a C+. I messed up I know I did, and I know they’re going to look at it and say I’m not ready for college work. Please I need your help with this. I understand it’s a midterm and they say it’s just how you’re doing currently as a student, but I know I’ll be rejected because of this failing grade. It may seem like a test grade towards your whole average in other schools, but it’s my actual average and we had no midterm exam. Please help me out I’m panicking.

(Update), my last midterm was a C-. I still don’t know if it will help but I’m hoping! So overall (A-,B,C-,F)