SUNY Oneonta vs SUNY Plattsburgh for BS Economics

Hello. I’m an upstate NY high schooler, and I’m considering AACSB-accredited Economics programs to apply to. The 2 in-state colleges that seem to be business-accredited seem to be Oneonta and Plattsburgh, and I was wondering which college is better for Economics (I know for a fact that Oneonta is very small, with around 10 graduates an year). THX. Also, does anyone know of any other AACSB/ACBSP accredited Economics programs? I know its a social science, but still.

I would really like to know whether there are other public AACSB/ACBSP accredited Economics courses anywhere in the U.S that are better than SUNY Oneonta/Plattsburgh. Lehigh seems to be a bit too $$$.

What’s your budget? Are you trying to stay within the state cost of a SUNY?

No, I thought the SUNYs would just be cheaper (and a better investment for the money) than other top AACSB-accredited Economics programs. Which one is better for BS in Econ? THX, I am also OK with going out of state too.

Upstate is a good place to go to school like albany medical college, i took economics but didn’t reaally like it