Thank you. I read they make decisions through mid-January stinks you might have to wait till after the holidays but don’t give up.

Thanks everyone - we are STILL waiting - nothing like time on your hands during the holidays to let you check the portal even more - ahhh!! I am trying to reassure him that everything is in to the school and that he should hear soon, but my anxiety is creeping in too… I had a vivid dream that he got a very rude denial email and had to walk downstairs at 4:30 AM to log in with his credentials to reassure myself it was just a dream!!! I just want him to be settled somewhere so he can focus on the rest of his senior year! He is supposed to have his internship proposal lined up when they go back next Wednesday and - nada.

If you’re reading this, offer up any positive vibes please!! I think I can FEEL my hair turning gray…

Mkisaac one of my son’s also applied and has not heard yet either. I woukd think that the admissions woukd now be on a holiday break and back after the new year. I’m sorry you have to go through this waiting . It’s awful . But be positive. I wish for good news to arrive soon for you. All this college stuff is enough to drive you insane. I’m trying not to think about it too but I just logged on here lol. The trying not to think about it isn’t working to well … maybe I’ll have some wine and that will help lol… good luck my fingers are crossed for you. ?

Has anyone heard anything regarding EA at Oneonta this wk?

First time posting, but my daughter who applied EA on 10/30 just got her acceptance late this afternoon. She is looking at an accounting or communications major. She is overjoyed! This wait over Christmas break was stressful, for sure. Good luck!

Congrats!! Hopefully we hear soon!

Did she receive an email?

It’s funny, because she checked her status after school at 2, and no change. Then she checked around 5 and the status checker changed with a link to follow. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you hear soon, and with the result you want!

And we have confetti!!!
Now to actually read beyond the first paragraph ?

Congratulations !! The wait is over ?..

my D received the same. No confetti but has the link at the bottom to enroll!

My DD got her financial package today. Just an FYI

My dd got hers too. How did my dd not get the Deans Scholarship? Her scores exceed what’s posted and she applied by 11-15? Oswego gave her their Presidential. Is there any negotiation with SUNY schools?

My daughter received her financial aid news as well. She received just loans, not even work study. My older daughter is in a non-SUNY school (private) and negotiation really worked to get her more money. Any advice or thoughts about SUNYs - (the same question downpour blue asked)? I will definitely be asking about an appeal, if only to try for a larger percent of subsidized vs. unsubsidized loans (so we pay no interest while she is there) as well as work study.

How did you receive financial aid info - physical package or email? I doubt we will get offered any, although S19 did get a small one from Fredonia.

Nothing like getting that letter that says “Congratulations- you get to take out LOANS ??. That’s what we received from a private school that touts how much aid their students receive. Uh, thanks??

My “D” just received an email today of her acceptance in Oneonta (Regular Decision). No financial info just yet.
This is her 14th acceptance, so she is doing well on that aspect (Penn State, Univ Delaware, Suny Buffalo, Suny New Paltz, Suny Oswego, Berry College, Suny Plattsburgh, and Stetson Univ - just to name a few. Still waiting on a few others. Out of all the SUNY’s thus far, Plattsburgh has given a decent amount of merit aid. The other Sunys are slow into providing any Merit aid thus far. Certain schools Out of state have offered tripled the amount of merit aid (although tuitions are certainly more expensive. Let’s see what another month shows and what her final decision will be.

Does anyone else on this thread have kids attending the accepted student day in February?

ds applied to music industry and we attended the accepted students reception in manhattan … planning to visit mid april Does anyone have anything to add on that major?

My son is also Music Industry - are you going to be there on April 6 for Academic Exploration Day? It sounds like it’s a helpful day to speak to the professors in the major areas.