Has anyone heard from EA Oneonta yet? Last week the school had instant admission at my daughter’s high school yet kids who applied in October through the common AP haven’t heard anything. Seems strange.

My son is waiting to hear as well! According to the website, they will start making decisions after December 1 for EA applications and they should know by January 1.

Good luck!

My son applied on November 10th. He has not received anything yet. The waiting his not fun ?

We are still waiting as well - it’s his top choice and he’s reluctant to schedule other auditions until he hears from them. He also got accepted at Fredonia so that’s one SUNY at least. Good luck to your son Gus- what does he want to study?

Hi mkisaac! … his major will be is finance as of now … He applied to 10 colleges. He has 2 acceptances so far Oswego and seton hall. The other SUNY’s he applied to are Albany and New Paltz. What do you mean by auditions ? Do you mean interview? What does your son want to study?

Congrats on fredonia !!

@mkisaac -

Congrats on Fredonia. My son is a student there. Which program did your son get into?

I have a friend with one child at Fredonia and the other at Oneonta. Both are happy and enjoying their programs.

Gus- Thanks for the good wishes!

My son wants to be in the sound recording technology program, which is different at every school he applied to. Since it’s part of the music department, he has to audition on his primary instrument (violin) which makes him very nervous- NYSSMA was agonizing every year. Fredonia wants a full audition for their program or else you can go into their Music Business program. They want the student to demonstrate musical ability and knowledge. My son is like those horses you see with goat companions- he is much more confident playing with someone else but on his own he freezes up and gets screechy sounding because he hesitates- a vicious cycle for sure.

I think Oneonta got a boost in his book because they don’t have an audition! Doesn’t hurt that it’s about 3.5 hours closer and has the esports league ?

We have been holding off on scheduling his Fredonia and St. Rose auditions because he really wants to be at Oneonta, but we need to schedule by the 21st - here’s hoping that we all hear this week!!

Thanks @techmom99 - I think he will be happy at either, but he still has to audition for the Fredonia program since he was just accepted to the school vs the major. I just want to be done with this process and for him to feel settled!

Regardless of where he ends up I think I’ll be asking your advice!

@Gus12345 I am a proud New Paltz grad so I hope your son gets accepted. I loved my four years there.

On a side note, it has become a really tough school to get into! I was astounded at how rigorous (if that’s the right word!) the admission criteria has become & felt it was much friendlier to transfer students than entering freshmen.

Your son picked some very diverse schools - small and large, urban and rural. What’s his top choice?

Mkisacc lol I know a wide range… oneonta and Albany he liked best… who knows where he will end up. Yes ! I know ! New Paltz is very hard to get into! He is right at the bottom of the range for thier acceptance so I guess his chance is not so great there. We shall see! Good luck with your sons audition !!

My DD was just accepted to Onenta with the 6500 presidential scholarship!

1430 SAT
Many AP and college level courses

My son just got acceptance !! ???

Did you receive acceptances in the mail?

still waiting for the email. taking a very long time. a lot of other colleges have sent them out already

Acceptance was an email

Yes an email.

Congratulations @Gus12345 and @futurenursemom1!

Did you log into the portal? Was there a message there as well?
My poor son has logged in about 5 times a day for the past week (that’s a lot for him!). I’m hoping he hears soon!!

Mkisaac, he received an email saying that a decision has been made and to log onto portal. I hope he hears soon. The kids get anxious when others start to hear… good luck to him keep us posted !!