SUNY Oneonta

I got accepted into Oneonta and I’m getting anxiety from deciding whether or not I should go. I got a really good financial aid package but im just really nervous about being 3-4 hours away from home. I’m debating between Oneonta or a CUNY but part of me feels that I won’t be satisfied in a CUNY. I also really want a college community.

My biggest concern with Oneonta is diversity. As a hispanic girl when I went to go visit I didn’t really see many people who looked like me. Although I understand that’s almost anywhere but I can’t help but feel anxious over it. I was able to visit the Multicultural Club but it seemed pretty small and it didn’t seem like Oneonta was actively trying to help diversify their campus. Not sure. However, I did get to talk to some really cool people who made the campus feel very welcoming, so that was nice lol.

If anyone could offer me some guidance or support I’d really appreciate it. Please feel free to share your own experiences if you went or know someone who goes to Oneonta. Or even if you have any thing to say about the weather or dorm life that’d be cool too (I just really like detail lol).

Also I am going in undecided and academically both Oneonta and my interested CUNY’s satisfy that. But one big thing I care about is community which is why I’m asking. This is just something to help me weigh the pro’s and con’s. When I got accepted to New Paltz they had offer me a mentorship program, does Oneonta have that same opportunity?

Go! Have a great attitude and make the most of it and you will have a wonderful experience.

There are tons of downstate kids at al the SUNY schools. This is NY - I’m sure there will be diversity there. The SUNY schools work hard at that not to mention that they pull students from areas with diversity (NYC). Beside, at the end of the day, its YOU people are interested in.

Personally I love the cute town of Oneonta and it is very accessible.

That’s good to hear. Do you mind elaborating on what do you mean by accessible?

IMO, Oneonta may be 3-4 hours from home but it is very easy to get to. There will also be plenty of students from the city so it will be easy to find rides.

Did you say you also got into New Paltz? Have you visited? I would suggest going to the school that you feel most at home at during your visit. You sound just a little nervous to me which is normal. Just be positive, be friendly, and be open to the experience wherever you go and it will be great!

Yea I loved New Paltz but unfortunately it won’t be possible to attend financially. I really liked Oneonta because it seemed nice and cozy, students seemed comfortable on campus. I was also able to talk to professors and they seemed very approachable and very willing to speak to me. Actually, because of Oneonta, I got excited over African-American studies and wanted to explore it.

@cheerioscheers is the difference that huge between Oneonta and New Paltz? Most SUNY’s offer the same package more or less. I say you try Oneonta. Part of growing is being in unfamiliar environments. If you don’t like it, you can always transfer to Oswego, which is a little more diverse or a CUNY. Oneonta has nice profs and a friendly student body. If you look online it says the campus is 78% White, 11% Hispanic, 3% Black and 2% Asian . The rest are foreign students, biracial or other. Can you feel comfortable with that?

Well Oneonta is offering me a scholarship, I just know that New Paltz is a no go for me. I’ve come to terms. I think I’m committing to Oneonta though, haven’t heard good things about CUNY’s from last years graduating class. I know everyone’s experience is different, but I know I personally don’t want to go to a CUNY anyways. If I do, it’s because I want to be comfortable. Maybe it’s time to interact with new people and stop being fearful of the what if’s, but I know I have other options if I feel overwhelmed. I’d just like to know what has been a students experience in Oneonta, some tips and what are some things I should keep in mind. Even if its just “avoid the bathroom on the 2nd floor of x building” lol.

I also basically grew up in a small school that was made up of over 90% minorities and more than 3/4 are low-income. It’s going to be a hard transition, that’s where part of the anxiety comes from. And because I’ll be away from home which is something I’m not used to. It’ll take some getting used to, I just hope from now to May 1st I make a decision, and it’s the right one.

Hi anxiety, welcome back.