SUNY Oswego/Presidential Scholarship

<p>My daughter applied to Oswego as her "safe" school, just in case she doesn't get accepted to the music schools on her list. We know they have a small music department, but with some excellent teachers. Anyways, she just found out she was awarded a Presidential Scholarship, which is full tuition for 4 years. This is a wonderful deal for anyone who might consider applying there. There are some great programs, really nice people and beautiful sunsets!</p>

<p>Congrats!!!!! </p>

<p>But it is sooooo cooold....and last year 10 feet of snow at once....</p>

<p>Congratulations Musmom,
That's nice news...if I can ask, is that a music scholarship, or strictly GPA-SAT scores? Oswego does look nice, we haven't visited, but I read good things about it. Also, are you instate?</p>

<p>ddotjon: no, it's not music, it's general merit, based on gpa and SATs. See:
SUNY</a> Oswego - Financial Aid Office: Merit Scholarships</p>

<p>My son is a sophomore there and loves it, he received this scholarship too. I was surprised when D. got her letter because her numbers aren't quite enough-maybe they can give some consideration to talent too. We are in state, only about an hour away. I don't know how much more out of state tuition is. It's a beautiful setting for a campus, right on Lake Ontario. Don't be scared off by the winter weather- it becomes a badge of honor! Last year was not normal!</p>

<p>What's average temperature and snowfall? My daughter considers everything north of Poughkeepsie to be frozen tundra, which limits her SUNY choices considerably.</p>

<p>Avg. temp. is probably in the 20's during the winter, I don't know the avg. snowfall, but there is no denying that there is alot! Especially when there is a "lake effect" storm. Directly on Lake Ontario makes it pretty breezy some days! You need a good winter jacket, some nice Uggs (!), warm clothes and a good attitude! Everyone gets thru it. I am a grad (many yrs. ago, and my son is there now). Unlike most colleges, it is not unheard of to have a snow day! It is beautiful summer and fall and everyone really appreciates the spring! Your daughter certainly wouldn't be the first down-stater to attend-they are probably the majority!</p>

<p>We have a friend who moved upstate (to that deadly frozen tundra) and gained about 50 pounds in one year since she stayed inside the whole winter. Are there good indoor exercise facilities at Oswego that everyone can get into?</p>

<p>Don't worry about MusMom's D, they are used to plenty of snow and cold!!! I can vouch for that.</p>

<p>Congrats on the scholarship!! That is SOOOOO exciting. Here is hoping Fredonia offers her the same (do they even have that there?)</p>

<p>don't think so! (re: scholarship). Besides, sopranos are a dime a dozen at Fredonia! LOL.</p>

<p>Muffy: My S gained almost 30 his freshman year! Largely due to not having the hight school sports schedule anymore-and bad eating habits. He has "recovered", exercises regularly, eats much better and lost the weight! There are 2 gyms and 2 separate work-out facilities, lots of intramurals and quite a bit of walking!</p>

<p>Oh, good, she'll be frostbitten AND fat...</p>

<p>where is average freshman weight gain per college published?</p>

<p>But maybe with the rapid global warming, Oswego will be rather balmy by the time she starts college.</p>

<p>I'm an Oswego alumni (1993) and personally, I fell in LOVE with the school and campus within a week of arriving. Sure, it gets cold, but if you're used to it, it is just normal. As far as academics, Oswego is also no slouch of a school. After leaving OZ, I attended Ohio State for a trimester, Bowling green State for a year and finished my Masters degree in biochemistry at the University of South Florida. This year, I am finishing my MBA at the University of Florida and I can attest that for those who seek it, Oswego offers a GREAT education. Also, the memories of falling in love while sitting at the edge of Lake Ontario watching the gorgeous glowing orange sunsets can't be replicated by any other college campus. Good luck to your daughter and tell her not to spend too much time at the woodshed and water street! Oh, wait- those places generate some visceral memories too!! :)</p>

Do you have documentation of this "rapid" global warming (politically motivated movies notwithstanding)? I don't want to get into a debate here and I'm not sure how old you are but if you can remember the mid 80's everyone was in fear that we were sliding into the neo-ice age. Have the climate patterns of the earth radically changed in 25 years, or is the political landscape the rapidly changing entity here. Just food for thought...</p>

<p>tomslawsky: thanks for echoing my sentiments about my alma mater! Glad you did so well afterwards! I'll have to re-read the comments about global warming tomorrow a.m. after some significant caffeine!</p>

I'm sure you remember the days of Broadwells and Bucklands. If you happen to remember the old Psi Phi house-I lived there for a year and a half until it burned down in 1992. Eck. </p>

<p>As far as global warming, check out this article- the head of climatology at MIT doesn't buy into it, nether do GOBS of respected scientists. The other side of the debate doesn't get discussed when it's not going to advance a point of view the media wants advanced. </p>

<p>MIT's</a> inconvenient scientist - The Boston Globe
Richard</a> Lindzen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>

<p>Tomslawsky - so happy you think I write so young that I might not remember the 80s! But I'm old...old enough to remember when it snowed in NYC in the winters.</p>

<p>My daughter wants to major in elementary ed; I'm afraid she'll have to do her student teaching in some rural school an hour away from Oswego and need to buy a great big truck with a snowplow to get there.</p>

<p>She'll be fine :) She'll only need the snow plow to get her car un-stuck.</p>

<p>Tomslawsky: Oh yes, I certainly remember Broadwells and Buckland's! They are now defunct and replaced with McDonald's and a gas station- may they R.I.P.!</p>

<p>Getting back to the Presidential Scholarship...</p>

<p>Can an out-of-state applicant get both the Presidential ($4400 annually) AND the Residential ($5700 annually) or do OOS applicants with over and 88 and 1130 SAT just get the Residential - value greater than any of the other (Merit, Dean's, Presidential) scholarships despite the lower academic requirements.</p>

<p>Doesn't seem to make sense not to have both if they are trying to attract higher achieving OOS students.</p>

<p>Anyone know?</p>

<p>I looked on the website, it doesn't really say. Might be worth a call/email to find the answer to that question- it would be a pretty sweet deal if an out of stater could do both.</p>