SUNY Personal Statement & Essay?

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<p>I cant figure out what suny personal statement is about! When I google it long essays come up, but the suny app indicates it is supposed to be a 250 word concise paragraph or two.</p>

<p>IT says:
"PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES": Please provide additional information (up to 250 words) that will help us better understand your academic performance. You may also use this space to explain any chronological gaps in your academic history (e.g. a period of time after high school graduation before applying to college).</p>

<p>when I go into additional information, it says:
this question is optional and is an opportunity for you to explain any inconsistencies or concerns regarding your academic performance. Campus admission staff would also be interested in learning about time you spent away from an academic setting, apart from a traditional summer break. </p>

<p>Well I haven't had any inconsistencies in my studies nor any gaps. What should I specifically write about or what is it supposed to be? Any idea? Any tips! Im bewildered! </p>

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<p>Write about something I am doing mine about moving and losing credits but thien joining a summer program to make up for that</p>

<p>My teacher told me to write about aspirations inspirsations what i want to do after earning the degree etc</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for the response.</p>

<p>well last year, I came from Pakistan to USA, thus to a whole new education system! Should I write about that? Is it supposed to be as organized like the Essay or its just a regular statement for their information?</p>

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