I found the following post about the college and wondering if it is true that they are bankrupt and have a super high crime rate? Can anyone advise on their experiences there?

They lack courses and have the same teacher for most. SUNY Plattsburgh is a low-ranked, unsafe, and bankrupt college. SUNY Plattsburgh is unsafe because of high criminal activity (theft, drugs, rape, disorderly conduct, etc.). The Plattsburgh Police Offender List shows at least 29 sex offenders registered on or within a short walk to the campus! The Plattsburgh Police Blotter shows 791 crimes over 9 months on or near SUNY Plattsburgh. The college annual safety report lists 24 rapes-crimes on campus (not included above). SUNY Plattsburgh students have been killed since 2003. In 2018, 27 students were convicted for hazing-related offences. They fired their Chief Diversity Officer in 2018 for raping a student. SUNY Plattsburgh students protested against the President, Provost and Student Affairs Director demanding they resign. SUNY Plattsburgh water is contaminated (daily boil orders). SUNY Plattsburgh were guilty of internal fraud. :(|)

Two of my children attended Plattsburgh between 2009 and 2017. The younger of the two just visited friends who are still there last month. Both of them loved the area. I visited several times and noted that while there is a great deal of negative publicity about the crime rate, the school and campus itself are safe. My D was an RA and told me that there was drinking, as there is at many colleges, but no serious crimes.

To address your other points:

My D was an education major and music minor. She passed the then newly instituted NYS licensing exam (EdTpa) with high honors the first time. She had a couple of teachers that were not great, but most of them were top notch. The school is known for its education department. D loved her music classes and enjoyed performing in the ensembles and an a capella group. She also participated in some theater activities. She took part in alternative spring break activities. She ran the student volunteer office for 3 years and got to know many administration officials, including the Chief Diversity Officer referred to above, whose honors seminar she took one semester. She doesn’t believe the charges against him and neither do many of her classmates and friends.

My S was a poli sci major. Most of his professors were good and kind, especially the ones who reached out to him when he had to withdraw medically. While he was there, he was actively involved in student government and also got to know many of the admin people. He also doesn’t believe the charges against the CDO.

There was a hazing death back in 2003. When my kids were there, frats were not allowed to reside on campus. Neither of my kids did Greek life and it’s a very small percentage of the student body that does. There was a fire at an off campus house the year before my older child started and a student died. I know of another kid who was killed in a hit and run while walking in town. Other than that, what other murders are you talking about?

There was drug activity in the town, but the college kids knew where it was and could choose to avoid those areas - or not.

I recommend Plattsburgh to people all the time, especially those who are interested in nursing and education. It has an excellent music department (though I recommend Fredonia to future music teachers).

Plattsburgh is also one of the SUNY’s that offers merit money. Both of my kids got awards.