SUNY Purchase class of 2024 EA Decisions

Hi! I just found out that I was accepted to Suny Purchase College as a Screenwriting & Playwriting (BA) major! I didn’t see a discussion made yet so I created one! I applied EA on 9/28/19 and received my acceptance letter today, 12/30/19 right before the New Year! Has anyone else heard back yet?

I applied on February 1st because i’m an anxious wreck and was stressing about my application for much longer than I should have but i got my acceptance letter TODAY! I got in as a Theatre and Performance (BA) major, and i am STOKED OUT OF MY MIND! Since the beginning of this process Purchase has been my #1 school and it absolutely boggles my mind that I actually got in! can’t wait to visit!

Did you receive anything electronically or just a letter in the mail?

Hi, I didn’t apply EA but at the moment SUNY’s my top choice. I’m also going for theatre and performance and I’m trying to meet people going, do you have an instagram?

Hi can you tell me if you visited the school and what is your overall opinion of the program. The BFA they say is amazing not sure if they provide the same opportunities. I really appreciate your comments and input. Thank You…