SUNY Purchase merit scholarships

Hi everyone,

I would love if some students who either go to SUNY Purchase or have been accepted and received their scholarship package could tell me what I’m likely to get for scholarship money. There’s no clear way to know ahead of time on their website, like a list of scholarships, but I would like to have a good idea of how much it’ll cost me before I consider visiting and/or applying. I am not a NY state resident so that won’t help me out here.

Here are my stats:
4.0 GPA, 1580 SAT
Mostly honors classes for freshman and sophomore years.
Mix of honors and AP (plus one or two regular that aren’t offered in honors) for junior and senior years.

Let me know what you all think! Also, if anyone is studying theatre there (BA, not BFA), let me know what you think of the program.

My daughter is an incoming OUT-of-state freshman at Purchase. She’ll be in the BFA theatre program. Her gpa and scores were similar to what you listed with 4s and 5s on all her AP Exams plus very strong extra-curriculars with many state-level acting awards. She had many acceptances and got great merit offers everywhere EXCEPT Purchase. The out-of-state tuition is really a stretch for us (we refinanced our house, because the loans offered were at a much higher interest rate), so I pushed the issue as far as I could with Purchase faculty (who were very kind and helpful) but was told by many different sources, inside and outside of the the school, that merit scholarship offers just aren’t made to incoming freshman, and even the higher performing upperclassmen might get only a couple thousand if they are lucky, the reason given being that Purchase is a state school and already considered a tremendous bargain (which I can’t argue with). They have a state-approved budget and just don’t have the endowments to offer merit assistance like many of the private schools. We got some large merit offers from other schools who accepted her, and they were mostly private schools (CCM offered money, but it was a small amount, because they are also public), but even with no merit money, Purchase was only a few thousand more a year, and it seemed to make the most sense overall, because of the strength of the program and the proximity to the NYC theatre scene and connections. Ouch, it still hurts, though. She’s got a good meal plan, but mom and dad are gonna be eating a lot of beans and rice for at least the next four years! :wink:

Is your daughter enjoying SUNY Purchase?