SUNY Purchase non-arts programs (humanities/social sciences)

Hi, I am considering SUNY Purchase as a transfer student, and am uncertain about what to major in, but I don’t think I will be doing a highly artsy major. I know that it is mostly known for its arts programs so I am concerned about the strength of its less artsy programs like the humanities or social sciences.

I myself am considering journalism/communications or international relations/some kind of cultural studies with a minor in economics, and I am wondering whether SUNY’s related programs are strong enough for these majors.

As I was browsing the website about its majors, I was intrigued by one major it offers called “Media Arts and Society” as it seems to tie in a few of the subjects I am interested in, but I am wondering how good this program would be as well as other programs such as economics or “language and culture,” as these are the departments I’m really interested in.

Did you end up transferring to SUNY Purchase? I’m curious about the humanities or social sciences program as well.