SUNY Purchase/Pace BFA Acting Acceptances?

Anyone hear back yet from SUNY Purchase or Pace? Did SUNY videotape anyone at Unifieds?

@ThtrDad My child was videotaped at the SUNY Purchase audition. One of the monologues. We have not heard from them.

@ThtrDad my D was taped at SUNY Chicago Unifieds. 3 monologues. We haven’t heard from them or Pace.

My D was taped at SUNY Purchase Los Angeles audition. Haven’t heard from SUNY Purchase. She heard from PACE Acting FTVC on 3/13 via phone call.

Has anyone heard anything yet? Any phone calls? Anything?

Just got my letter yesterday, I didn’t get in

Ugh sorry to hear that. I’m losing my mind waiting.

My S is still waiting on Purchase as well. Was
told it was mailed on Friday and thought it would have arrived by now.