SUNY schools

I finished with an 83 gpa to finish freshman year. had a bad semester to start off sophomore year with a 75 overall gpa. got back on track this semester with a 91 gpa can I continue my upward trend and into in state schools like geneseo oneonta, New Paltz, buffalo,Albany ,buffalo state and hunter or am I delusional .

If someone can answer this honestly that would be well appreciated. I have decent extra credits and plan on taking ap courses junior year

There’s pretty much a SUNY for everybody. Which ones will be a good fit for you will depend on your SAT/ACT and unweighted GPA. Your guidance counselor can probably suggest targets as you get closer to application time. Did you look at the SUNY data sheet that lists the test scores and GPAs of accepted students? That will give you an idea of what numbers to shoot for.

Your test scores will figure into things as well.

Keep improving your grades junior and senior year and you should have no trouble securing admittance into at least some SUNY four-year schools. “B” students from our local schools are accepted by Albany, Purchase, Plattsburgh, Fredonia, Buffalo State, and Oswego (to name a few) nearly every year. The upper tier SUNYs – Binghamton, Geneseo, Stony Brook, for example – will be more of a reach, but with good test scores and a strong finish even those schools may be possibilities depending upon your intended major.

I want to be a geography major and what are my chances of oneonta, New Paltz and buffalo

Geneseo is like my dream school what can I do to improve my chances of getting in