SUNY Stony Brook Vs New Paltz (Gender Studies Undergrad)?

Hi everyone, nice to meet u all. I am currently deciding among these 2 schools. I am being accepted by them for transfer. I have to respond asap to New Paltz on 16th and Stony Brook on 20th…please share your thoughts My GPA is around 3.2-3.5…I am not very outgoing and active person. I mainly want to find a surrounding that is low-cost but safe. I am going to move from SF to NY. I might be continuing my study in the future after the completion of undergrad. At the same time I want to be involved in some arts like performances but I will only take those classes if my time let me.

Thanks a lot.

Based on what you have written here, I would go with New Paltz. It’s got more of an artsy vibe. Both areas are safe. I think New Paltz might be a little cheaper in the surrounding town because it’s more upstate NY than LI.

Good luck to you.

Bring warm clothing because winter in NY absolutely stinks.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

I also think that New Paltz is a fit for you. It’s very artsy, and a great place to study your particular major. Very safe, IMO. Nice town.