SUNY, U of Alaska, Dartmouth, UPenn

Honors Biology, Honors English I, Honors American History, Algebra I, Honors Spanish I not offered
Honors Chemistry, Honors American Lit, Honors World History, Geometry, Honors Spanish II not offered
Honors Physics, Honors British Lit, A.P. European History, Honors Alg. II w/ Trig, Honors Spanish IV
A.P. Biology, A.P. English Lit, A.P. USG&P, Honors Pre-Calculus w/ A.P. Calculus AB, A.P. Spanish Language, A.P. Art History</p>

- Linguistics: Kalaallisut, French, Latin, Spanish
- Research on Arctic Climatology, Arctic Wildlife, Glaciology and Aquatic Medicine
- Writing a book on Greenland/The Arctic's Wildlife
- National Geographic Student Expeditions
- CMAquarium (Junior Educator and Diver)
- ASPCA Volunteer
- Reading tutor
- Gold prize in national essay contest/other essay contests
- Journalism club (President)
- Astronomy club (President)
- Spanish National Honor Society (President)
- Quill & Scroll (President)
- Writer's Club (Founder & President)
- TB History Center Junior Volunteer
- Fingerstyle guitar (composer), Classical piano
- 3 season athlete (all varsity teams)
- Key club</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 UW (not including frosh year), 4.6 W (also not including frosh)
SAT: >2100
SATII: 800 Spanish, 800 Lit, 750 U.S History
All 5s on the A.P. Exams except for Biology and Calculus (4s)</p>

<p>I will be an Earth Science major and from there go to Dartmouth IGERT for Polar Environmental Change. I want to work for National Geographic as a Polar Research Scientist. </p>