SUNY Upstate Accelerated Scholars 2021 Applicants

Hi everyone! Figured I would start a thread for this year’s UAS applicants since I barely know of anyone who is applying. I got my interview on January 6 and was accepted through ESF, so I would be happy to answer any questions! Would love to know where everyone else who applied is getting recommended/interviewed from as well!

F.Y.I. The call came about 3 weeks later due to COVID (usually it takes two weeks but they said it could take anywhere from 2-5 weeks)

Hi! I interviewed during that time, and was accepted through RIT.

Congratulations!! See you in four years at Upstate if you commit!

I am personally interested in neuro and ortho (don’t know for sure yet). Do you have any field of interest?

I think I might end up committing, so see you there!! Doesn’t Upstate have required summers there?

I’m interested in Emergency Medicine, but who knows how my interests will change down the line lol.

Congrats! We are still hanging on for a Upstate interview… do you know how many people ESF forwarded?

Awesome! Yes, a friend of mine who is in the program currently told me that she has to do online seminars/meetings during the summer, and I believe traditionally everyone who is in the program would meet at upstate. I have heard that you also need to take a “practice” MCAT, which does not count for anything but is there to tell you how you are handling the material for med school. Im pretty sure that if you score high enough, you do not have to take the practice MCAT after that. She told me that the workload is definelty doable and not overburdening.

Hope this helped

I do not know the exact number but I believe it is around 15-20 (it changes every year). Last year they accepted 3 people, but the program at ESF was new so perhaps they will accept more this year.

To those who’ve been accepted and are planning on attending, I’d love to connect through PM!!

Hello Everyone!!!

I was also accepted as an Upstate Accelerated Scholar via Adelphi University.

I am excited to connect with you all and I look forward to possibly seeing everyone this summer :slight_smile:

I would love to connect as well! What is PM?

Congratulations!! I cannot wait to meet you as well! Are you from New York or out of state?

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Long Island (Downstate NY) ~ 25 miles from Manhattan.

I’ll PM you with my insta.

Alright sick just followed you. Sorry lol new to this website don’t know what PM means :laughing:

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don’t sweat it, PM = personal message

Congratulations to all who got accepted into SUNY Upstate Accelerated BSMD

@Hershey7676 @nmanalil12 @9the0girl7, my D has sent you all a PM with her insta. Ty @Hershey7676 for this idea

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Hi! I am an interested applicant for next fall’s cycle. Does this program have an in-state preference (i am OOS)? Also, what stats should I aim for to be competitive (I have good ec’s and research, it’s only that sat/act and gpa that are weighing down on me). Thanks! Hope everyone gets into the school/s of their choice!

Hi! I would say that this program is definitely more lenient to in-state, especially if your local because they would like you to stay in the community. This however should not deter you from applying because it is not a make or break factor and this is a great program.

In terms of stats, Upstate requires applicants to at least have a 1360 for the SAT ( ACT 29), but obviously you should have higher to be competitive. In terms of GPA, a 3.5 is needed but again higher is better. It is good that your ECs are strong and that you have research. Honestly, that is why I got into the program because my SAT was struggling as well (1470) compared to other applicants, but again you should still apply. The best way to make up for this if your a junior or senior is to work hard on your essays and prepare for your interviews (the interview was the strongest for me).

Good luck!

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Thank you!

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thank you!!!

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