SUNY Upstate Accelerated Scholars 2021 Applicants

Yea ofc! I just sent her a follow request

I am really interested in this program. Question: Do you have to apply through the common app for this program or can you apply through the feeder school’s own application/ SUNY.

Most of them have an option on the common app, but some like ESF and Purchase, you have to send them an email telling them your interested. At least, this is how it was last year.

For Adelphi and Yeshiva U for example, can you apply through their own applications. On the Adelphi application, for instance, there is an option to indicate interest in the program. But on the SUNY UAS page, it says to apply through the common app.

Also @Hershey7676 are you currently in the program. Can I pm you to find out more about the program and your experience applying.
Thank you