SUNY Upstate Accelerated Scholars

Figured I might make a thread since a lot of us are interested or applying to Upstate. Feel free to ask any questions here or host discussion about the program, perks, undergrad institutions, etc.

Which schools did you get a referral from? I got referred from SUNY Polytechnic and will be having my interview next Monday!

Was forwarded from Purchase and ACPHS but got interview through SUNY polytech at the end of next month. So does the med school get to decide which undergrad you have to attend or do you get to choose?

Hey, I have no idea if I was forwarded by UAlbany or Purchase but if you did get forwarded I would assume that you can choose between the three schools for whichever one you want to attend. Are you considering attending if you make it?

Like Upstate med school. Just grateful got an interview. On top of my list but too early to tell. Good luck on your interview!

If I remember correctly, we were told you have to take the undergraduate through which you were invited for the interview.

@PathophysiologyFTW thanks for making the thread. We can now have more focused discussions!

this needs to be clarified. i remember reading that applicant gets only one interview irrespective of how many feeder schools forward the app. however there was no clarification of choice of undergrad if you got accepted.

it only seems fair that you are only allowed to take the undergrad through which you got interview as @brown2024 mentions. Also it gives flexibility to Upstate to pick candidates that it feels are suitable to the program. Managing the allocated seats per program is also easier that way.

@bamd @Kc2002 @collegeappvibes @bsmdmom @hermionea @helix8 please share your thoughts, feedback and questions regarding Upstate Medical on this thread

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Hey everyone! I received an interview from Upstate through a referral from UAlbany (only one I applied to)! Has anyone else received an interview invitation?

Just wondering, did everyone have to fill out a supplemental application for this or…?

I have an interview on Feb 10th. When is your interview?

I think everybody that got a invite from Upstate had to fill the SUNY Upstate supplement.

Does anybody have any insights on the clinical campus option at upstate? it seems a quarter of the class moves to binghamton campus.

My son just got an interview invite for this Monday. Any ideas on the interview format?

@sirche the interview format is MMI. When you click on the link for picking interview date, they explain the interview format. Good luck!

@seapdx2002 the two dates re Feb 10th & March 2nd

Thank you. Any ideas on how many students interview at once?

How long after submitting your supplemental application did you get an invite for an interview?

@collegeappvibes a few weeks later don’t stress too much abt it

Anyone interviewing on Monday?