Super Bowl commercials!!

<p>Ok, so far the Chevy 2012 Armageddon commercial is good--with the Twinkies....:)</p>

<p>The good ones are later on.........</p>

<p>Just saw a very cute ad for Volkswagon starring an adorable dog.</p>

<p>Best Buy commercial was decent, especially the reference to Word With Friends debacle.</p>

<p>Anyone else bored with all the car commercials?</p>

<p>Hyundai is really pushing hard</p>

<p>Wayyyy too many car commercials......</p>

<p>go, Mr. Quiglet!</p>

<p>Dortitos best thus far! One with dog burying the cat</p>

<p>The dog is the best!!!!</p>

<p>Doritos and overweight dog were good.</p>

<p>I like the baby slingshot too-I am sure there will be all kinds of uproar about that the disclaimer "do not attempt".</p>

<p>The dog one was great, especially playing fetch up and down the stairs...</p>

<p>I agree with rodney. I'm already sick of the car commercials. </p>

<p>The dog in the fat suit is my favorite so far. </p>

<p>The Valentine's Night one really missed the mark for me. Least favorite by far.</p>

<p>What did the E-trade kid say at the end--the one that was inside the nursery?</p>

<p>^^i'm speed dating......</p>

<p>Lol, lol, lol</p>

<p>GO BETTY!! My eyes are up here....</p>

<p>Betty White ? I love her !</p>

<p>Yes, Betty White--she was on the "Voice" commercial right after 1/2 time.</p>

<p>That Pepsi commercial with the king cracked me up.</p>

<p>Anybody keeping count on car commercials?</p>