Super confused about what major to do! help me please!

I am interested in attending Hofstra University. I graduated Queensborough Community College in 2016 with a associates degree in Criminal Justice. I’m interested in transferring to a 4 year university. However, I’m having A LOT of trouble figuring out what to do.

Personally, I want to major in theatre/drama. I know it’s a big departure from criminal justice, but I really want to major in theatre this time. I thought i wanted to do criminal justice, but I change my mind. I want to do drama/theatre. But of course my parents disapprove because they don’t think theatre/drama is gonna get me a job/career. They want me to major more in science or nursing and I have NO interest in doing science or nursing.

However, I am trying to find what other major I should probably do, but I can’t think of anything else. I really want to do theatre/drama. I’ve tried telling counselors in QCC my problems, but all they do is make me wait so long for appointments and I do not have the patience. I want things done as soon as possible. I don’t want to wait so long!

What should I do? I’m so confused and I need help!! Thank you.


I am a drama major here at Hofstra and would love to shed some light on the subject!

I completely understand your parents’ worry, my parents and sometimes most parents do worry, but if you have a passion for something then I truly think it is worth it.

What is especially nice about our drama department is the structure of our classes. Whether you’re interested in production (costumes, directing, stage management, lights, sound, set design) or Performance, you take classes for both so that you leave the university as a well rounded professional. I have taken classes as a performance major for technical skills such as sound design and an overall drama production class that helps me contribute to production efforts! Being a drama major here at Hofstra is a great experience because you are working with professionals as your professors and they are all still active in their fields. They help us students make connections and we get emails everyday from our drama office manager with auditions for in the city and master classes coming up!

However I do have two majors here at Hofstra which is completely plausible and something that you could look into further. With having two majors, you can focus on different opportunities Hofstra offers and get the most out of your time here! I major in education as well as drama and I have been able to work on combining the two to cater to what I want out of my time here at Hofstra.

Come and visit Hofstra; we can show you both drama and science/nursing aspects. Also if you visit, you can connect with students who have found other majors that pair well with the drama program! Being a double major here at Hofstra is completely possible and done often! Professors work with you to finish both majors and succeed in what you’re doing. Double majoring is common and if your parents are hesitant about drama, know there are lots of majors that can be paired successfully with drama!