Super Duper Senior?

<p>Hi fellow knights and raiders, I have an question about the amount of credits I am taking and my accumulative credit so far. Will I be able to graduate in 4 years?</p>

<p>I completed my first year with only 25 credits. I had to take algebra twice cause I flunked it once. So during the second semester I was placed on academic probation. I could not register for class until I was off of probation. Which was way after the semester had end and way after classes were closed. </p>

<p>I should have taking precal and calculus over the summer but I couldn't. Is there any classes I can take @ rutgers Newark that can boost my gpa and pull up my credits? </p>

<p>I am a business major with interest in going into the health field. And I need to take at least basic cal to take chem, orgo, and physics.</p>

<p>I really need to take Bio 101 but all the courses are closed. When does the courses usually "open up"?
What math classes are after precal? Basic cal or cal 1?</p>

<p>You probably aren't gonna graduate on time if those are your ambitions, sorry.</p>

<p>The ONLY way you can do it is if you take precalc in the Fall, Bio 101 over the spring (if it doesn't open up in the fall), Bio 102 summer session I. Calc summer session III. Chem Fall Jr Yr. Chem II in the Spring. and Physics I fall, Physics II in your senior year. Mind you, this is how it works in NB. I don't know how it would work in Newark.</p>