Super Fast Decision

I’ve read so many reviews and threads on how unorganized FAMU admissions is and how it took five to six months or more for people to hear a decision back from them. Well I applied online and they officially got my application June 1st and I was accepted June 9th for spring 2016. It only took a week to hear a decision. I was really surprised. I wasn’t expecting to hear anything back from months. I did have a problem with them getting my college transcript. I had to send it in twice before they got it. But once I called and confirmed they had got it, I received a decision that same day. I do have my AA so I’m not sure if they had anything to do with how fast I was accepted. I applied to FSU on May 10th and still haven’t heard anything back and it’s going on 7 weeks now. Anyone else applied to FAMU and got a fast decision or applied at all?

Hi @kaydion I’ve also applied to FAMU on the 21st keeping a positive mindset about it all, i also have my AA in liberal arts. I do have a question what address did you send your transcripts to and did you request for your transcripts to be sent the same day you completed the online application?

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@BeeAntidote I’m new to this as well lol. I had my state college send my transcript to FAMU. It was sent electronically. I believe it has to be sent directly from an institution otherwise it won’t be official. If you go to the admissions section, the address is on the left of the page with their contact number. No, I actually sent my transcripts a week before I actually submitted the application.

Hi, @kaydion so glad you got accepted into FAMU. What is a good SAT score to get into their pharmacy school? I have taken the SAT twice but my scores are low(1790 &1760), I will take the test again in October but I have no idea what my target score should be :frowning: . I really like the school and would like to apply as soon as possible so as to get scholarships

@DonMilton I’m sorry but I don’t know much about the pharmacy school or the acceptable scores to get in. But I do believe there is an older thread on here about the pharmacy school and scores that could possibly help you. Good luck!

@DonMilton wait never mind, no there isn’t a thread. I lied! Sorry lol. Have you tried calling the pharmacy school/dept to get more info on the requirements?

@kaydion thanks for replying… I haven’t called them yet. I have sent them a mail though but they have not replied.

@DonMilton no problem! I emailed a lady and she didn’t reply for about two weeks, smh.