Super low ACT score... Need help?

<p>I made a 20 composite on the ACT. I know, don't make fun of me. :( I didn't study, and I can say that I guessed on half of the test. I got a 20 English, 19 Reading, 18 Math, and 22 Science...</p>

<p>I'm planning to re-take the test in October, so I have roughly around 3 weeks to prep. I have a PR 1269 (?) laying somewhere in my room... yea, I never opened it. Do you guys think it's enough time to bring my low 20 up to a 25? </p>

<p>Any help/advices are greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>Im def not as smart as most people in this forum but I'm sure studying will work =) I have yet to approach the whole studying thing because i didnt study for this past exam but it works for a lot of people and i believe if you actually dedicate yourself to leanring all of the rules they give you in the book as well as the hints youll do just fine</p>

<p>Hey, don't belittle yourself! The people in this forum all busted their ass to study and took the test more than just once! While on the controversy, I guess some people, like myself, just can't find the motivation to sit down and study, even for 30 mins or so, a day. I'm motivated now... My score is the only thing blocking me from getting into my first choice. A 25 would suffice... hopefully.</p>

<p>First time to second time will probably lead to an improvement if you put your time and mind into it. The best idea is to have a reason to get a higher score and a good night sleep before the test. If you don't want to strive for better, there's a good chance you wont. You need the motivation. When I took the ACT in June I was like time to kick some ass and slap up some nerds!. :D I hate smart ppl by the way, so I was pretty motivated to teach up some kids with twice my IQ.</p>

<p>Study some of the rules from the ACT books to in your spare time. 30 minutes or a less a day will help out.</p>

<p>My SAT was less than fabulous (1840) I studied from about Mid July to the test date around 30 minutes a day and got a 29 my first ACT, SAT equivilent to a 1920-1960 depending on where you look, however had I not completly ****ed up on reading I would've had a 31 (2080), I studied very hard and it paid off because I am definitly not as naturally smart as most of the kids on this forum. I plan on studing and retaking in october and straightening out my reading (23) to where it was in practice (31) and getting my 31, studying works really well for this test</p>

<p>You can usually do better the more times you take it. Five points in one month may be too much, but if you take Oct. and again in Dec., there's a better possibility.</p>

<p>I would get the Red Book and do as many timed practice tests as you can. It definitely helped me.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone for the advices! I'm determined to get a higher score this time, and really take the test seriously. No more procrastination or waiting till the last minute to worry and fret! I'm starting to study from the PR 1296. Bought it already, so might as well go from there- heard it was a good book anyway.</p>

<p>Before studying or anything, I tried taking an English practice test on the PR 1296. I tallied up my score and made a 20 again... I notice that once I went back to retry the problem, I got most of the answers right D;</p>

<p>The conversion chart that they give you in the book- is that how the real test is like? Anyone mind explaining how they score the tests, a little? I'm hearing people talk about a curve and whatnot.</p>

<p>I got a 20 my first time too. I need to study!</p>

<p>I'm sorry but what was the point of bumping such an old thread?</p>