Super Saturday

<p>We just got home from our visit during the snow storm and just thought I would say that my daughter was "very impressed." The "Get connected" or whatever it was called was the presentation that most impressed her. It was the one that talked about how "wired" the campus is.</p>

<p>It was my son's second visit, and I'm sure glad we took the long walking tour on the first visit. I'm glad I didn't go this time. Can you believe that weather?! Was you daughter by any chance there for the Creative Achievement Award competition?</p>

<p>No competition award thing - just the regular Saturday program. I might add that my daughter enjoyed the blizzard. The more different from home the better.</p>

<p>I think Case seems like a nice school with alot to offer, including $$$. My S is seriously considering it. Is your D planning to enroll?</p>

<p>We still have one more school to visit, University of Florida. It's the most economical for us but my daughter's least favorite. Case is probably number 2 on her list (behind Dickinson College.)</p>

<p>Wow, Case is really different than Dickinson, isn't it? What's you daughter's area of interest?</p>

<p>Case in somewhere in position two through four here. I think we will have to leave our son's first choice go for financial reasons. If Case give him additional fine arts scholarship on top of merit, it will be very attractive. He's also waiting for the results of another full tuition scholarship competition. But I really did like Case when I visited.</p>

<p>I was there too (not my first visit) and was reasonably impressed. I auditioned for the Creative Achievement award and found out I was accepted as a music major. If I go to Case, I will probably double-major in Music and Biochemistry, but I have to choose between here, Dartmouth, and Notre Dame (the latter 2 are liklely to give much smaller aid awards)</p>

Did you already hear whether or not you won CCA? Do you know when they announce winners?</p>

<p>My daughter is undecided in major but is interested in foreign languages and perhaps law (Dickinson) while also very computer/technology oriented (Case.)</p>

<p>ChrisCuber & lkf725,</p>

<p>My son applied for the CAA award and received a letter from Case yesterday (4/15) notifying him as an award winner. He is considering strongly attending Case as a double major...Music Performance & BioMedical Eng'g. I think it will take 4 1/2 to 5 yrs to graduate with both majors. Could do it in 4 yrs if come in with lots of AP classes that they will count. How does Case Music dept stack up versus other top Music schools/prgrams. I would have to say that the Music dept at Case has been extremely interested & nice in dealing with my son. We are impressed. Having CIM next door seems to be a very nice benefit.</p>

<p>Congratulations to your son, garrettc! How awesome that he won! What is his instrument? My son is engineering and music also.</p>

<p>I don't know much about Case music per se, but my son was accepted into the studio of a Cleveland Symphony musician and he is thrilled. I'm not sure if the music is taught on the Case campus or at the CIM. I think it really depends on the teacher.</p>

<p>I haven't found out yet, but probably will within a few days. Receiving or not receiving this award will have a strong impact on whether or not I attend Case. I am still trying to decide between there, Notre Dame, and Dartmouth. I should know where I'm going once I've received ND's revised financial aid and visited the latter two schools.</p>

<p>Oh, and congrats on the award too! :)</p>

Do you think people who have not heard positive news have any chance at all? I wish it was so, but I kind of doubt it. It would make a huge difference for my son in the decision process, too. Well good luck to all anyway!</p>

<p>I doubt not yet having heard is necessarily a bad sign. For example, a girl in my class (who lives less than a mile from me) who also applied to Notre Dame got her rejection letter a few days before I got my acceptance letter, not to mention my financial aid award notice took another week to arrive, and they were all supposedly sent out the same day. Not yet hearing from Case might be a bad sign, or it might simply be the result of discrepancies in our postal system. </p>

<p>Was your son auditioning for the music major then as well? One of the professors there told me that she had seen the comment sheets from the judges and said I had been accepted as a major. Hopefully that's a good sign. I play French horn, in case you were wondering.</p>

<p>BTW, I just got my ND financial aid award. Taking into account higher travel expenses at Dartmouth, it's still about $5000 more expensive than Darty. I'll have to be really impressed on my visit this next week for me to end up there. Oh well...</p>

I think my son found out he was accepted as a music major by email. But (sigh), no CAA notification here. He plays clarinet. I'm sort of relieved to see that alot of students haven't made their final decisions yet...I thought we must be just about the only ones. We may have one more vist to make, too. Good luck with your ND trip! You owe it to yourself to visit even if your chance of attendance is slight. </p>

<p>PS - I love the french horn...played well it is a beautiful instrument.</p>


In just some passing comments I've seen around CC, I saw that CIM has the best oboe teacher in the country, the CIM flute dept was rated just behind Curtis, Julliard, and Eastman, and that the soprano voice instruction was well regarded. Didn't see anything about French Horn. CIM relies on CWRU for Music History, Musicology, Technology & Music, and Music Ed. CWRU's own web site says the the Music Ed. program "is one of the most well respected in the nation." </p>

<p>I think it would be fair to say that no school offers a combination of BME & Music better than this level...and you don't have to take a shuttle bus to another campus for music activities.</p>

<p>BTW, my D is more than likely going to CWRU for Music Ed.</p>

<p>lkf725--you would be surprised how many students still have no idea where they're going. Most of the top 20 schools forums are filled with threads of that type (imagine having to decide between Harvard and Yale!).</p>

<p>P.S. I think the Clarinet is probably my fave woodwind instrument. I started out on alto sax, and have messed around on oboe (blargh!) and clarinet. The oboe and bassoon are also beautiful instruments when played correctly.</p>

Do ND and Dart have good music programs? The only other school my son was really interested in was CMU, also because of the good engineering and good music. He got accepted to some other great choices, but when it comes right down to it, he wants music in his life and he wants a top teacher. I made him visit his other choices, but I could see his heart really wasn't in it. I finally "got it" yesterday when he said to me, "I have never been a one dimentional academics only kid in high school, and I'm not that way now either". OK, goodbye good academic programs without a good music program. Hello big bucks CMU or the very generous Case-CIM program. I guess the point of my story is that if you find youself less than excited about ND or Dart,this might be the reason. You sound like your music is important to you, too.</p>

<p>I don't think their music programs are top-of-the-line, but I'm sure they are decent. I think Dartmouth has an open music program (but I'll have to check on this). What is very important to me is the availability of several musical ensemble in which I can be a member (Dartmouth and Case seem to fit the bill), but I'm not sure about ND. None of my music teachers do/would know anything about Dartmouth's music program, just because almost nobody's heard of the school out here.</p>


<p>My son's instrument is "voice"....although he plays about 5 other real instruments but not of a caliber to compete for awards. Good luck to you with your CAA possibility. You never know at the end of an audition how you did...and its impossible to read the judges. So you say I did my best...and hope for the best. I hope you choose Case for your college choice. I think it's a great school. We are very impressed with the music faculty.</p>