Super Smash Bros.

<p>Do any of you guys play Super Smash Bros? I got into it really into it again (that and the F-Zero series) recently and well I'm curious.</p>

<p>I am. So much that I decided to buy Brawl at the Midnight release, and beat it within 3 days.</p>

<p>I used to! I don't actually own it (one of my neighbors does), but we used to play for hours on end. Melee's better than Brawl, imho.</p>

<p>^ I thought that was the general consensus? Because Melee beats the brakes off of Brawl.</p>

<p>^ Melee is far better than Brawl mostly because all of the cool characters got nerfed in Brawl...</p>

<p>My younger brother owns Super mario bros. smash brawl on his wii. My cousins own melee on the xbox or nintendo(? cant remember which one)it's kind of fun to play haha.</p>

<p>But generally speaking, even though I'm not a fan of playing video games Mario would have to be the exception. I loove playing mario bros. games since I was a little kid...I even finished playing the first original mario game 3 times lol.</p>

<p>I enjoyed super smash brothers melee more. It seemed like brawl was too slow when in a battle and maybe it was dumbed down a little bit because I also noticed grabbing the cliff was made easier.</p>

<p>I've also gotten into the "F-Zero series" which are absolutely incredible racing games. Better than games like Need For Speed and TONS better than Mario Kart.</p>

<p>^ Captain Falcon is the shizz. I have to say that everything I know about F-Zero comes from Super Smash Bros. though q:</p>

<p>^More like KO'ing (knocking out, not killing necessarily) your friends using your favorite Nintendo characters from your favorite Nintendo landscapes using strategy and skill. (Yes, there is strategy.) No other video game lets you play as a Jigglypuff and beat up Ganondorf next to a pit of molten lava.
(I'm referring to Melee. Brawl attempt at providing a story, while entertaining at times, doesn't even compare.)</p>

<p>My "main" is Marth; sometimes I use Sheik or Pikachu.</p>

<p>Melee was cool, but I thought capt falcon was waaaaaayy too overpowered. Mewtwo really was a disappointment. </p>

<p>Brawl is nice. I really like it actually. Thought it was a lot more fun with the music and more characters and all.</p>

<p>I have Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 64. :D</p>

<p>I LOVE Super Smash Bros and Pokemon.</p>

<p>Toon Link - Brawl.
Link and Fox - Melee.</p>

<p>I was so freaking amazing. Then I stopped playing.</p>

<p>I only liked playing SSB when we played on Sudden Death.</p>

<p>I haven't played Brawl, but I played Melee religiously. Fox and Captain Falcon are for casuals. I mained with Kirby and demolished everything, and never even bothered using the copycat ability.</p>

<p>Wait wait wait, it seems like we should be talking about Super Smash Bros 64 (One of the best games of all time)</p>

<p>If so, then yes, Super Smash Bros 64 is awesome. We play it in the dorm all the time. Super Smash Bros Melee is also awesome. Brawl is meh.</p>

<p>In order of goodness:</p>

<li>Smash 64 (Tough decision between this and Melee)</li>


<p>Brawl is for noobs. Melee I could barely touch the computer level 9s(Now I own them quickly)</p>

<p>I use Toon Link, Link and the Pikman dude</p>

<p>I just bought it for the DS for my niece's birthday, but I've never played it myself. She'll probably never let me.</p>