[SUPER URGENT] Character encoding error on CMC supplement essay!

<p>I am freaking out right now.</p>

<p>I am an ED II applicant, and I just went through my app print preview and noticed that there were about 3 issues with character encoding. These errors were not present when I first wrote uploaded my essay. I know this because I used to read my essay practically every day for 3-4 weeks after submitting. It's only recently these errors have shown up.
Character encoding errors occur when you write on two different platforms, and the characters are not recognized. For example, instead of inverted commas there are exclamation marks, and instead of fullstops there are commas. </p>

<p>I was wondering if there is still time to send in an amended version of this, or should I just leave it because it might leave a bad taste in their mouth.</p>

<p>Please reply as soon as possible!</p>


<p>If it is an encoding error like you said, then it is not your fault and instead that of the system. So I don't think that there is much of an issue. If you feel very strongly about it, you can call/email the admissions office.</p>

<p>It's not very evident that the error is due to encoding. For example, they may think it is a typo, however I am 100% sure it is not, as I constantly re-checked the same essay draft over and over again AFTER submitting it without these issues showing up.</p>

<p>Generally schools don't care about these kinds of things too much. Its more of a numbers game for admittance than anything else. More likely they will notice this in a bunch of applications and figure out its not your fault. I would not sweat.</p>

<p>I sent them an E-mail 3 days ago and they haven't replied. This is death.</p>