Super urgent!!! Css profile and taxes

<p>My CSS is due today since I am applying ED2. However, my parent has never filed taxes previously but will this year. However, a lot of the questions on CSS profile reference the tax form that we have no idea about. Should I just put in zeros for must of the questions that ask to estimated based on 2011 taxes (since 2011 taxes forms don't exist for them)?</p>

<p>You should check the due date again. I don’t think it’s due until March 1st.</p>

<p>Thanks. But I am 100% sure. Sigh, it’s ok. I managed to submit it on time but I think I made some mistakes.</p>

<p>You need to be aware that if you put zeros instead of attempting to estimate the actual numbers for 2012, the estimated aid award that you’re given if admitted could be WAY off!</p>

<p>There is free tax help available . . . I’d strongly recommend sitting down with someone ASAP and trying to put together a 2012 return. And if you need to send corrections to your school’s financial aid office, do it as soon as possible.</p>

<p>You should not put in zeros. You should put an estimated amount that your parents DID earn.</p>

<p>The only reason that the 2011 return is referenced in the directions is to help the majority of people who are trying to fill this thing out without the 2012 info available yet. It goes on the premise that 2012 is going to be similiar to 2011. When the actual numbers for 2012, all of that info is changed. In your case, be aware that you may get a big estimated award that will disappear when those non zero numbers are used for the real calculation.</p>

<p>Also, your Profile 2012 figures will need to match your 2013-2014 FAFSA which will absolutely need to match your 2012 taxes. It would be
VERY wise for your parents to complete their 2012 taxes ASAP after Feb 1 when they should have the documentation to do so. If you then do your FAFSA, you will be able to use the IRS retrieval tool. My guess is that with all those zeros, and the change you will need to make (call the college ASAP to find out how to make those changes to the Profile online once it’s been submitted), your application will be a target for verification. If that is the case, you really won’t KNOW your actual financial aid award until the verification process is complete, and that includes the 2012 tax forms.</p>

<p>You need their income documents from 2011 - they should have kept these even if they did not have to file taxes. As others have stated, the tax form lines are there as a reference to make it easier to fill out. You can download a copy of the tax forms from the IRS website (make sure to select 2011 forms), and fill them out as if your parents were filing, to give you a reference for filling out the CSS and FAFSA forms. Putting zeros is absolutely wrong, unless they had no income.</p>

<p>If you sent it with the wrong data, you can contact the financial aid office and ask them how to provide an update to them. I would call them now to see how to update 2011 data, and how to provide accurate 2012 data once the tax return is filed. You can update the CSS Profile online for schools where you have not yet submitted, but will need to update anywhere you already submitted directly with the school (most likely this will be done through sending a copy of the tax return either directly to them, or through idocs (run by the College Board).</p>