Super Vague Email From Possible Interviewer...I'm really please?

<p>So i got an email from a Princeton alum today:</p>

<p>"Name: I'm a Princeton alumnus in (city) trying to reach you by phone with some questions important to your application, but your line is constantly busy. Please respond here as to a time when I can reach you, or phone this number. Thanks! --- Alum '62</p>

<p>Is this going to be a phone interview? Is this a call to set up an interview time? (the guy lives 3 hrs away from me)...I'm really confused!</p>

<p>It's not likely a phone interview request. I guess your answer will be discovered once you call him back.</p>

<p>yeah it was like a spur of the moment interview over the phone which was kinda weird but...yeah</p>