Superscore ACT - Q for Dan

<p>Based on comments on this forum and elsewhere, it appears that Tufts superscores the ACT (and SAT) via a (probably) computerized system that generates a number for the admissions reader. How does that work for the ACT - does it simply take the best score for each of the four main sections and average them to arrive at a composite? Does it follow standard rounding protocol? So, for example, would the following scores yield an ACT composite of 33 (32.5 rounded)? Does the reader see the breakdown of all scores or just the composite?
Thanks much.</p>

<p>English (first test/second test) 33 32</p>

<p>Math 32 32</p>

<p>Reading 30 32</p>

<p>Science 28 33</p>

<p>Writing 8 8</p>

<p>I had never heard before that Tufts superscored the ACT; I only knew that they superscored the SAT.
But it does appear (whether it's new or not; I'm not sure) they now take the best score from each subsection if there are multiple sittings.</p>

<p>See <a href=""&gt;;/a>
("When taken multiple times, we will use your highest subscore for each section")</p>