<p>Ive heard many many different things across threads,
but i would like to know if the following is correct:
nearly all colleges superscore the sat,
including the ivies, stanford, northwestern, johns hopkins, as well as other prestigious universities.
however, the UC system does not superscore the sat.
am i correct?</p>

<p>this is NOT a discussion on what superscore is, whether a superscore is less impressive than a score from one sitting, as well as other irrelevant topics (including the act).</p>

<p>thanks everyone
and.. if you would like to chance me
here is the link
thank you!
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<p>That's correct. Use <a href=""&gt;;/a> to find out information about which colleges follow what policy. Anyone that uses "Highest Section Scores Across Test Dates" superscores, and most that use "All SAT Scores Required For Review" superscore as well.</p>

<p>Generally: (a) most (not all) private universities superscore multiple SAT tests but use that test with highest composite for ACT; those that don't superscore SAT usually use test with highest composite; some that superscore SAT also superscore ACT; (b) most (not all) public universities, including the UCs, do not superscore either test and instead use that test with highest composite. Thus, it is definitely incorrect to say that almost all colleges superscore. </p>

<p>There are exceptions to either of the above rules: (a) there are a number of universities that do not require any tests (Wake Forest being the highest ranked that I am aware of) and though they may consider tests if provided they don't do any superscoring or even chosing test with highest composite because the test is not required in the first place; (b) with some universities, NYU is one, you have options in test submittal and if you do something like submit three SAT IIs or three APs, you do not have to submit any SAT or ACT; (c) a rare college, Rose-Hulman is one, superscores combined SAT and ACT -- it uses only math and CR section of SAT and math and english section of ACT and if you submit both it will use the highest math from either of those tests and highest CR or english, e.g., your score considered for admission could be the math score from the SAT and the English score from the ACT.</p>