Superscores vs. "Real" Scores?

<p>When it comes to applying to elite schools such as Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, etc., would a "real" 2400 be better than a superscore of 2400? Also, would a "real" 2350 be better than a superscore of 2350?</p>


<p>I believe they are viewed as the same.</p>

<p>Obviously an admissions officer will see the difference between a real 2400 and a superscored 2400. A one-sitting 2400 is more impressive, and he or she may feel that way as well.</p>


<p>Yeah, it definitely makes sense that a real 2400 is better than the same superscore. But what about a score like 2350? Is a real 2350 better than a superscore of 2350?</p>


<p>One sitting would be more impressive but it's all the same really. You still managed to get that score. </p>

Do ALL colleges use superscore? :O</p>

<p>Almost all privates use superscore, but many if not most publics do not. I know for a fact that the UC's and University of Illinois don't.</p>