<p>Quick question about this policy that WUSTL uses. Say someone took the ACT once and got a 33, which they reported to WUSTL. Another person took it twice and got 31 and 32, but a 33 superscore. Does WUSTL look these "different" 33s in the same way? Or does the first person look better?</p>

<p>i'm not sure Admissions has outlined their process quite clearly enough to say what would happen if they really did need to decide between two candidates who were completely identical except that one had a 33 superscore and the other a "normal" 33, but officially they only consider your "best score," and superscores count for that.</p>

<p>Personally, (and i'm just throwing out ideas here), I think that <em>most</em> of the process admissions goes through involves some sort of "rubric," where test scores, essays, recommendations, grades, etc. are all given some sort of point value and summed together. Which would probably weed out 50-60% of WashU's applicants, at which point things might start coming down to applicant-by-applicant comparisons. I'm sure there's special consideration for students who really stand out in some non-numerical way, too.</p>

<p>But anyway what I'm saying is, it would be very weird and deceptive for them to announce that they'll use superscores but then adjust their rubric so that a superscored 33 only counts as a 'normal' 31, so I wouldn't wouldn't worry about your decision coming down to anything so trivial. :)</p>

<p>best of luck!</p>

<p>Thanks. Just realized I spelled the title wrong too :(</p>