Superscoring the SAT

Quick question–
I received a 1260 in March. 570 Math (73rd percentile), 690 Verbal (96th percentile).

In December, I took the SAT for the math portion. 600 Math (81st percentile), 490 Verbal.

I hoped for a higher math score, but I also didn’t try on the verbal…I was enchanted by the idea of superscoring, but now I’m realizing that some colleges will see the 490.

(Some colleges will automatically sort out the scores to make a superscore, like UCONN, but some manually sort out the scores).

Should I just submit the 1260 (or go test-optional at some schools, since I couldn’t prepare for the December SAT? I got a last-minute spot at the test center, courtesy of my counselor).

It depends completely on the schools you choose. They will be very transparent in how they use scores. It ranges from best single day score to super super score where the school will combine the best of ACT and SAT.

The thing to know is they aren’t out to dupe you. They’re looking to form the best score within the paradigm of the parameters they set forth. A super score school won’t judge you for a low section they won’t use.

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