<p>So, we hear in just two weeks!</p>

<p>I'm so anxious...I've gotten past the point of just doubting everything I wrote in my essays, and i've moved on to relying on the luck that (hopefully) comes from sleeping in my Yale shirt each night. And now I'm afraid to NOT sleep in the shirt...I don't want the Yale gods to get mad :)</p>

<p>Anyone else have any rituals/superstitions that will bring them an acceptance?</p>

<p>I do everything 13 times (that's the number of colleges I applied to) </p>

<p>Fortunately, after my UChicago rejection (where I wasn't too interested in going, but where I actually thought I had the best chances of getting in since Chicago has the highest acceptance rate of all the places I applied to) it is enough if I do everything 12 times :) </p>

<p>Since I just wrote the Chicago stuff: does anybody know of someone who got rejected by Chicago but got into an Ivy? My Chicago application was the worst of all, I had to send in 2 bad recommendations where my name was even misspelled because the teachers that wrote my really good recommendations were on a conference, and I applied for financial aid as an international which isn't an issue at HYP, so I hope this rejection doesn't mean that I won't get in anywhere. Sorry for asking this Yale-unrelated question in this Yale thread.</p>

<p>To come back to Yale: Each time I'm in the bathroom, I look in the mirror and say to my reflection: See you in Harvard or Yale this year :) That's very encouraging! Hopefully it helps.</p>

<p>Ahh, I have reverse superstitious behaviors...
I bought my Yale sweatshirt over a year ago, but it has been neatly hanging in my closet untouched (NEVER WORN) and never to be worn until after. Whenever Yale pops into my mind (esp. concerning admissions), I try to white out it away from my brain. I'm a strong believer in The Jinx.</p>

<p>But then, I'm only semi-loco because I would be so unbelievably happy if I could wake up there every day, chat with the amazing profs, etc. (:</p>

Each time I'm in the bathroom, I look in the mirror and say to my reflection: See you in Harvard or Yale this year That's very encouraging! Hopefully it helps.


<p>I literally laughed out loud at that. Haha! Dr. Avrah, I really hope you get in--Yale needs people like you.</p>

<p>On the superstitions front, I have a "lucky" bamboo plant that I am currently a little too obsessed with, and I think it's dying (I probably watered it too much). DDD: This is probably a really bad sign...</p>

<p>Ever since senior year started, I've been getting good news and bad news alternately that are related to colleges. Next news is supposed to be a good news. Unless I get some sort of a scholarship, I'm pretty much set for yale.</p>

<p>Dr. Avrah, the exactly same thing happened to me. I just got rejected at UChicago, international asking for Aid, thought I had a shot there, but it didn't happened. I'm kind of scared now, don't know if I'll make into an Ivy, specially Yale, with my stats. I have my safety here in Brazil, but I really wanted Yale. So I don't have any superstitions, but I promised to cut my hair really short if I make into Yale (or any other of my schools).</p>

<p>Same here! Got rejected by Chicago, but hoping to get into an Ivy. Good luck guys! :)</p>

<p>Oh thanks, it's great to hear that I'm not the only one that got rejected by Chicago and hopes to get into an Ivy :) I really hope it was the finaid stuff that kicked us out :) The rejection also has a good aspect to it: if I get into Harvard I can get involved in the Chicago hate :D</p>

<p>I'm glad that I could make you laugh VFrizz, I hope Yale sees it the same way as you :) This self-coaching stuff is really quite effective. </p>

<p>Good luck to all of you!</p>

<p>man, what is with this? I got waitlisted at chicago, hoping for yale. Chicago seems to be a beast this year.</p>

<p>I feel SO much less horrible now!</p>

<p>Peachy, I've been selecting Harvard Blend coffee from the selection of Green Mountain flavors available at the local convenience store for the last few months. :) I switched from French Roast sometime this fall. It's a kind of all-purpose college luck thing.</p>

<p>Today my S was accepted at Chicago, one of his favorite schools. He was deferred from Yale SCEA, and I don't think I've been really relaxed for a whole day since then. This is the very first piece of news, good or bad, since December 15th. I'm sorry for everyone's bad news, but I feel SO much better.</p>

<p>I don't know about FA for internationals at Chicago, but we have a very low EFC...of course, we haven't gotten the FA package yet.</p>

<p>Dr. Avrah - I just figured out your screen name. Nice. Apparently your full name would be Dr. Avrah Elay?</p>

<p>Almost, my full name is Dr. Avrah Elay Notecnirp :)</p>

<p>Nope, no superstitions. Just an increasingly intense obsession with March 31st.
Man, as I look back on my early application, it was terrible compared to my subsequent RD ones. I guess I was a little too eager (<em>cough</em>desperate<em>cough</em>), and in my haste, forgot to mention a few extracurriculars, didn't send in my best essay (which I wrote after the EA deadline for RD colleges), etc. Well, if worst comes to worst, I've got 2 solid acceptances under my belt. None as good as Yale, of course, but hey.</p>

<p>"Almost, my full name is Dr. Avrah Elay Notecnirp"</p>

<p>Ooh Elay is relegated to middle-name status?</p>

<p>haha I just got the anagram. Now i feel smart. :D</p>

<p>i feel stupid...explain!!</p>

<p>OH!! Harvard Yale Princeton!!</p>

<p>dr. avrah, i got rejected from Chicago as well, while also applying there as a semi-target school thinking I'd have a great chance of getting in. Don't get too bummed out about it, Chicago is so different from all the ivies. My problem was that I had trouble being weird enough for them and I knew it from the get-go. The uncommon application demands a certain "weirdness" and ability to write abstractly that the ivies don't. Yes, you still need to sound unique for other schools, but you don't have to write about the obscure things that the uncommon app asks for. So don't get to worried about it!</p>

<p>laststopforme: no, I have two last names :)</p>

<p>rusty1: Thanks for your reassuring words. Unfortunately, I just discovered that Duke rejected me, too, and I start to get a little worried now. I just hope that their reason was that I'm an international who applied for financial aid because they only take 25 of those and reject the others. If that's the case then I think I have a chance of getting at least into one of HYPDartmouth :)</p>

<p>Congrats to those of you who figured out my name :)</p>

<p>i posted earlier that I get good news and bad news alternatively. i was on line for a good news, so I was waiting for the acceptance letter from Yale, but it turns out i am accepted to northwestern. This means the next news must be a bad news...</p>

<p>i was a little supersitious.....i absolutely REFUSED to buy a college sweatshirt until I got in. the first thing I did when i got into georgetown was order my sweatshirt lol</p>

<p>Dr. Avrah, im in the same boat....HYPDartmouth :( im freaking out</p>