Supplement Essay Critique? Chance me?

<p>Hi I know this is really last minute but I just finished the 4 supplement essays for Columbia. Can anyone have a look at it? I'll PM it. </p>

<p>Chance me please
For the Fu Foundation</p>

<p>Female (asian... sadly)
4.0 unweighted gpa, 5.0 weighted gpa
Class Rank: 3 out of 670
several 4s and 5s on past AP tests
Current Classes:
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
AP Physics C
AP English
AP Government
(Currently taking a computer science class at a community college)</p>

<p>October Sat 2011: 2180 (M:780, W:740, CR: 660)
FAILED my SAT II...(730 for Math 2 and 670 for Chem ahh)</p>

<p>I AM REALLY not active in school but im an officer (treasurer in both) in two of my clubs at school (Environmental and French)
Vice President of International Youth Fellowship
I've taught english to preschool up to middle school children in Kumamoto, Japan for the past 5 years.
200+ hours as a Junior nurse at a hospital
Volunteered at the red cross hospital in Southern Japan over just one summer in 2011 (total of 40 hours)
Junior Alumni in my Rising Stars: Japanese American Youth Leadership Program (4 years)
Gymnastics (3 years)
Kobudo (Martial Arts): 2 years
I have studied as a foreign exchange student in Japan for one month every summer since I was 5. (then I started teaching english before my freshman year)
Ranked 4th in the National French Exam
Abacus Advanced Level I (i started with level 12 and worked my way up to 1; been in competitions and have gotten 2nd/3rd place) - (5 years)
Passed the Japanese Proficiency exam Level 1 & 2</p>

<p>Most of the volunteer stuff wasn't really for my major but I just did them for fun...</p>

<p>I can give you some feedback on your supplements if you'd like. You have good stats, though your SAT I and SAT II's might hurt you quite a bit. Make your essays very good and it might be able to make up for it.</p>

<p>I really appreciate your critique
I'm not a good SAT test taker xp
does it make a difference that I got a 780 on the Japanese SAT II and a 720 on the US History? (oh well im never taking those nasty SATs again)</p>