supplement? is he accepted? really??

<p>So basically, the title is to get you to open this and lure you in :P
No its to help me help my friend who is freaking out about UCLA and ready to kill himself over it.
He wants to know if he has a chance at UCLA now that he got a supplement. He did a really good job on the essays and all, but his grades weren't available so he couldn't enter them (on the supplement it says you don't have to enter grades if they are not available and that do not delay turning in the supplement ) </p>

<p>His stats:
100 + community service
lots of leadership/clubs
many ecs
very involved ..</p>

<p>23 ACT.. didn't submit the Sat, and
has a 3.8 uc gpa </p>

<p>thanks guys for helping me help a desperate person in need: (</p>

<p>Low chance. a 3.8 UC GPA is below average. If he gets in, congrats though!</p>

<p>Ya but why did he get a supplement then???</p>

<p>How will multivitamins get you into a university?</p>

<p>Hahah why ask for an opinion when you’re not going to accept the answer?
Tell your friend to calm down and just wait to hear from ucla.</p>

<p>Can you please stop making threads on the supplements? </p>

<p>How hard is it to understand these few simple facts…<br>

  1. Supplements are sent to candidates they are “on the fence about”, thus, the supplement gives them a chance to either a) show why they should go or b) clarify or elaborate on something in the original application.
  2. College admissions are not purely black and white. There is no magic formula where they plug in your stats and then it spits out whether you are in or not. It is a dynamic process that is a combination of many factors, not merely academics and community service.<br>
  3. You cannot change what you’ve put on your application at this point. Stop worrying. Do something productive like filling out scholarship applications, looking for a summer job, or just enjoying your senior year. In all likelihood, your status has probably already been decided. Either your application has been trashed and the UC Regents have happily accepted your application fee, or you have been accepted and they are merely waiting to compile a final list of all admits. </p>

<p>In conclusion - please stop posting threads on supplements.</p>

<p>Supplements aren’t indicators or markers of acceptance. They’re just supplements. As mentioned above, they probably just wanted to the applicant to clarify something.</p>

<p>Anyways, I say your friend is gong to be rejected. Stats are way too low.</p>

<p>Thanks for your opinion. If you don’t like my threads then don’t reply ;)</p>

<p>I have a question about the supplement for UCLA. I received a supplement and answered both essays(describe a challenge that has prevented you from achieving a as high of grades as you would have liked and describe and extracurricular in depth) thoroughly and thoughtfully. I didn’t think i would have a chance with UCLA because of grades, test scores, ect. but i do have a unique story. I wrote in my personal statement about how growing up with a father who has been a quadriplegic my entire life and prevented me to being able to take the large course load of AP’s and honors I wanted as well as kept me from maintaing as high of a GPA as i am capable of achieving. I also had 8 years of volleyball, a moderate of amount of community service, as well as many hours of shadowing surgeons because I plan to become a neurosurgeon to find cures for injuries such as my fathers. If i have a 3.8 UC GPA and 25 ACT with some honors classes…what do you think my chances are? I also sent an email to admissions expressing my enthusiasm for the opportunities UCLA offers for pre-med students.</p>

<p>Hi @UCLA2016
you can see people are bashing my friend on this forum and his stats are basically just like yours… so i don’t know if you will get in. i hope you will because it seems like you deserve the opportunity. best of luck! what is ucla’s email btw? thanks</p>

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<p>I don’t get why you’re getting upset over people “bashing” your friend… you asked for chances, and people gave their honest opinion (not that any of their opinions hold any merit, none of them are admission officers). If by “chances”, you mean you want reassurance from other people on this forum that you/your friend are going to get in, then you are better off not even thinking about UCLA until decisions come out. </p>

<p>Post #6 by binks09 sums up everything you need to know about UCLA supplements. End of story.</p>

<p>lol why ask for chances when results come out in a few days? and what the guy above me said.</p>

<p>btw, i got a supplement and it’s whatever now.</p>

<p>Lol whatever. This is pathetic.</p>

Thanks for the email! Good luck on ucla!!</p>

<p>And thanks to all of you for your kind and generous replies and attempt to help me. I hope you all get into UCLA! Just a matter of days till decisions are released!</p>

<p>when is ucla decisions coming out?/ I see here in a few days and matter of days>>>
I thought it is mid march or so</p>

<p>March 9Th!!!</p>

<p>you lucky lucky freshman</p>