Supplement Length

<p>hey, i was just wondering how long people think their supplements are going to be (the essay part). they're pretty vague, and i was curious how much i ought to type....</p>

<p>mine's like 500-600 you know if we have to do BOTH A and B? Or can we just choose whichever topic we want to write about?</p>


<p>the supplement says: If you submitted only one sample, you are encouraged to respond to one of the following prompts.
i read that to be just one (thank god....)</p>

<p>hi, last year i misread the instructions and actually ended up writing both prompts the night before (NOT a good idea!) anyways, i called the admissions office and they said it didn't matter, but i guess i'm the only person dumb enough to write an extra essay, esp. considering the time restraint. anyways, good luck!</p>

<p>oh! thats good! yes! thank you! btw..if you do not mind me'd you do last year?</p>