supplement length

<p>as i don't see a recommendation, does anyone have info on a typical word count?</p>

<p>Wondering the same. I'm guessing it means write as much as you want. Maybe we should call and ask though?</p>

<p>While there doesn't seem to be a hard and fast limit, I'd say 100-400 words or so? Definitely not longer than 500 words if you can help it.</p>

<p>I wouldn't say don't go over 500...</p>

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<p>just make sure it's not excessive.</p>

<p>this is going to sound really dumb but where did you find those links? is there another Macalester forum? for me, this one only has like 4 threads..</p>

<p>and my essays were each around 550 words - one was a little less, one was little more.</p>

<p>go back to the page where you see the four threads for Mac. At the bottom of the page, it should have a setting for "display." You may have it set to display just the threads from the past month. You can change that to display all the threads from the "beginning" of college confidential or various settings in between.
By the way, my son has just finished his first semester at Mac and loves it.</p>

<p>i emailed mac, and was told that 250 would be a minimum word count, fyi.</p>