supplemental application for film production major?

Can previous applicants tell me if they remember needing a supplemental application or portfolio? It’s already January 4th and I’ve yet to hear anything from CSUN about turning in a supplemental application. I’ve received an email from CSULB, and then as I was completing their supplemental application was notified that I also needed a portfolio (messy way to notify an applicant but better than CSUN at least). I’ve already tried searching other threads and looking stuff up on their official website, with no luck. I’ve emailed admissions, the film college, and a professor supposedly in charge of film portfolio admissions–no luck yet. I actually had to make an account on here.
I’m asking because I’m stressed and don’t want to be overlooked. Thanks!


I am also a film major and transferring out in Fall 2018.

At CSUN you have to first be accepted into the Pre-Film Major. Once you start your classes at CSUN during Fall, you apply for the option that you want (FIlm production in your case) and submit the portfolio around October/November. You have to already be an enrolled student at CSUN and finish your major requirements there to apply for the option.

So basically you go into CSUN for the film major but until the end of Fall 2018, you don’t really know in which option you will be in. That’s a bummer for me.

i agree, that is definitely a bummer; i don’t want to attend csun and then be relegated to the theory major. thanks for answering!

@lynsnicket they have a few other tracks besides theory if you are interested. The other tracks are screenwriting, television production, and entertainment media management. I started out as a tv production major but switched to screenwriting towards the end of my first semester. the program was great but I just found my passion was more for writing than the production side. I hope you get your top choice wherever you applied! hope this helps.

@unpaidguidence19 thank you for the information and the well wishes!