Supplemental Application Request for UCSD?

<p>UCSD is my first choice school, but my grades aren't all that spectacular so I wasn't really expecting them to accept me.</p>

<p>but I was sent this email a few days ago:

Dear Student:</p>

<p>Thank you for your application to the University of California, San Diego. We are in the process of reviewing your application for admission for Fall 2009. We are seeking additional information from you to determine if you meet our selection criteria and if you possess the academic ability, preparation, and motivation to succeed in UCSD's rigorous academic program.</p>

<p>We would very much appreciate the information you could provide by going to the secure Web site at:</p>


<p>You will find a number of questions regarding your skills, abilities, achievement and academic record. There is also an opportunity to further explain how these factors might enhance your ability to excel at UCSD. Your response is a critical part of our final admissions decision. Please submit your response by Monday, February 2.</p>

<p>We are also asking your principal to complete a similar online questionnaire. Please note that this letter is sent to you by e-mail and by regular mail.</p>

<p>Selecting a college or university is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We want to ensure that you will succeed at your chosen institution and find fulfillment in your academic career. We very much appreciate your interest in attending UCSD.</p>


<p>Mae W. Brown
Assistant Vice Chancellor/Director of Admissions
Admissions and Enrollment Services


<p>Is this something I should be worried about? Has anyone received this before? Is this something I should put thought into before submitting or should I just do it off the top of my head? Most importantly, does this mean I'm being more seriously considered, or is it just a formality for the "maybe" pile?</p>

<p>I think this is similar to the Berkeley questionnaire, which I believe is for the "maybe" applicants who are in the gray area between accept and reject. I think this is the same so you should definitely put thought into it if you wish to attend. I applied ucsd but i didn't receive this email. Keep us posted please.</p>

<p>there is already a thread about this. look it up</p>

<p>I applied too and didn't get it either.. could someone link the other thread please?</p>

<p>Xenosis, Do you mind sharing with us your stats (UC GPA, SAT I & II scores) so that we know who UCSD is sending this Supp App Request to. Thanks.</p>

<p>Do not do this off the top of your head. The request for info is part of what UC calls "augmented review" which is for kids on the bubble, typically stat-wise. Make sure your principal/GC writes about any personal hardships, etc., that UC can use. </p>

<p>UC want additional info so they can move you to the accept pile.</p>

<p>My unofficial transcript lists my GPA at 3.42 (like I said, nothing spectacular), and it is what I had listed as my grade when I applied.</p>

<p>My SAT I's:
Reading- 680
Math- 590
Writing- 600</p>

<p>the total comes to 1870.</p>

<p>SAT II's:
English Lit- 740
Math II- 520 (I had a really hard time with this one)</p>


ok, I will definitely take some time putting thought into it then, and I'll try to consult my counselors about this before sending it in.</p>

<p>I got the same email! I'm really freaked out, I actually started a thread earlier, do you mind sharing the questions they sent you? I'll go look for the thread.</p>

<p>here's the link <a href=""&gt;;/a>
did you mention any "hardship" in your personal statement?</p>

<p>Well, I'm not sure if I should share them specifically, but there was a question about if my economic status impaired my ability to study, and another about how a UCSD education might further my goals, and another about which field of study I am most enthusiastic about. One in particular asked about my extracurriculars (which are sadly, next to nothing) so I'm not so sure about that one.</p>

<p>I didn't discuss extreme hardship in my personal statement per se, I talked about how my family were immigrants from a third world country, and how they had a rough time moving to a new country, and my second one (about my experiences) talked about a time I went to visit my parent's home country and how it was a culture shock seeing conditions compared to my life in America.</p>

<p>yeah...that's the thing sd has a rigid admission criteria, they want to know exact hardship before they give you points for it. They want you to clarify your "hardship" Good luck mate, I hope we make it.</p>

<p>Fill it out... it can only help you!</p>

talked about a time I went to visit my parent's home country and how it was a culture shock seeing conditions compared to my life in America.


<p>This is what they call a trite college essay -- I went overseas and saw how bad things are, and we have it great in the USA. (snooze) And, when you write about being an immigrant, make sure you write how it affects YOU, not your parents' hardships -- the college is admitting you, not your parents. If you hold a part-time job to help your family with $$, address it.</p>

<p>For anyone under augmented review, make sure your GC explains any academic stuff that might raise a question. The GC can also explain any special family situations that may have led to a grade drop -- better coming from the GC so it doesn't look like an excuse from you.</p>

<p>Good luck to all.</p>

Of course, it focused on me. And I didn't write ALL about that. I also talked about how it helped me realize my passion for language studies.. I'll try to keep that in mind though.</p>