Supplemental Information

<p>If I have recently received honors/awards that I want Harvard to know about, should I call them or email them or write a letter or what? Is there some specific protocol I should be following?</p>

<p>You could email them and they'll put it in your file.</p>

<p>It could be too late at this point, most decisions have been decided (so I have been told). But if you are on the fence, there is no better time to inform them about an award.</p>

<p>what happens if a student has an incomplete on the midyear report because he/she was sick, not a long term illness though, just sick before the quarter ended, which resulted in missed work. My cousin has one and he hasn't turned in the other grade yet b/c the teacher still has to grade it or something like that, not sure. I just know he doesn't have an updated grade yet. Would harvard reject him based just on this if the other three years and one quarter were very good (assuming there's other stuff that won't keep him out that is)?</p>

<p>They'll usually contact the counselor or school to check in on it. At least, that's what Penn told me. I assume Harvard would be similar.</p>