Supplemental Questionnaire 2021 (Class of 2025)

My son received the Supplemental Question from UCLA. The first question they ask is to expand on his extraordinary talent skill or academic achievement. The second question is asking to talk about special circumstances that affected his grades.
For the first question he does not have an individual talent but was a member of his school’s Marching Band that won its regional championship three years running. While not individual it was a very demanding program that he can discuss at length.
The second question will discuss a family issue that significantly disrupted his academic performance but he overcame bringing his grades back to A’s.
Is one of the questions for important than the other? I have read that some people do not answer them or answer only one. In my opinion the answer to the second question is more important. Should he answer both in light of the fact that his extraordinary achievement is not an individual accomplishment but a group/team effort?

You might want to post this in the UCLA forum.

In his case, answer both.