Supplemental Scholarships

Hi, everyone!

I’ve been lurking on this site for a long time, but finally decided to bite the bullet and join. :slight_smile:

I applied to OU by the December scholarship deadline. I’ve been admitted to OU with the Award of Excellence for non resident students. I’ve also been admitted to the honors college. Does anybody here have experience with supplemental scholarships at OU (leadership, service, or departmental - gaylord for me) and have an idea of approximately when/how that would be awarded?

Just in case anybody else was wondering, I spoke with a faculty member at Gaylord yesterday about departmental scholarships. They were very kind and told me that Gaylord still hasn’t met about scholarships, but that they anticipate decisions coming out mid-April. Not sure if this is exclusive to Gaylord or if it goes for all colleges within the university. Hopefully this helps others with the same question!

As for the other supplemental scholarships, I still do not know.

@sunshine2019 Thanks for sharing. My understanding ‘Award of Excellence’ you got is the main one. In case if you trying to decide which school. Because the other awards are given once student joins OU, various department or community awards etc. But when I looked at the first link below, it appears it is given for students who are entering.
My D graduating this May. She got her major department award this year (1 time $5k) and community award coming weeks (this probably not monetary but recognition). See the links below.

Thanks so much for the reply, @GoldenRock :slight_smile:

It takes a lot of digging to find answers on these things, haha. It really helps to have the guidance of those who have actually gone through the process recently. Your input is greatly appreciated!

I’m an OU double legacy, but it has been a considerable amount of time since my parents went through this process. I’m very excited to have been offered a great deal at OU, but would need a bit more merit aid for it to be comparable to other offers I’ve gotten thus far. This has been quite the process - I’m just ready to have all of my final offers so that I can make my decision at last.

Congratulations to your daughter! It sounds like you have much to be proud of.

Does anyone know if Supplemental Scholarships at OU can be stacked with their National Merit Finalist package, since its no longer full-ride?