Supplemental Stuff?

<p>I'm working with an editor at Scholastic to publish a novel. I don't have an official contract at this point, only an oral agreement, so I'm having him send to colleges a short letter explaining what we're doing (which is basically starting to edit the novel for publication). I'm wondering how to go about this. Can I just have him mail the letter over? Will it even make it into my file that way? Does anything else need to be attached? It's not really a rec, so I'm not sure the rec form would be appropriate, but I also don't know what would. Thoughts?</p>

<p>When in doubt, write a short essay in the addition information section...</p>

<p>a short essay...explaining that a letter is coming in the mail from my editor? I'm not sure i understand.</p>


<p>Have him send the letter. He should be sure to put your social security number on the letter so the schools can identify will make it into your file.</p>

<p>No...about the book and what you realized about yourself, etc...</p>

<p>The have the publisher send a letter stating the current situation with your novel.</p>