Supplementary Materials: Portfolio, Resume, CD's, etc.

<p>For all-What extra materials does Yale accept/like, and what should we do.</p>

<p>Personally-should I send in an attached resume?</p>

<p>I was wondering this as well. And also, do you think they would like to hear me playing electric guitar? It's a "well-developed" talent as they describe, but I don't know if they would just say to themselves "why is this kid sending in him soloing on the electric guitar." Does it seem inappropriate?</p>

<p>A school such as Yale seems very progressive, and while the electric guitar is not the traditional violin, I believe that they would respect your commitment. The question is are you a good guitarist, or phenomenal. They don't want 1/10 of their applicants sending in guitar tapes. However, if you can offer the university your talents, then it is worth a try.</p>

<p>A Yale admissions officer said that if you do attach a resume, it should be in the same format as the one on the Common App. Don't send in supplementary materials unless you think it would REALLY make a sense. For example, like what Nickleby said, if you are phenomenal, send your guitar CD in. If not, then it's not worth it. They don't want tons of stuff to go through.</p>

<p>If I did not have enough room for all my EC's on the common app section, can I give my interviewer on campus a printed copy of a resume? (interview this tuesday)</p>

<p>in addition to that, do you guys know if the person who interviews you is your area rep?</p>

<p>no.. it's seniors at yale who are trained to give the interviews.</p>