Supplementary Recommendations

<p>What am I supposed to include in the envelope besides the letter? How will they know it is for me? Do I just write on an index card my name, social etc? Stupid question, but an important one.</p>

<p>bump, sorry all</p>

<p>i dont know about the place ur applying, but most of my recs (including common app ones) have a space at the top where u enter ur name.. it seems logical that all colleges would do that.. unless im not getting something..</p>

<p>Its a supplementary recommendation - its not a teacher or a guidance counselor. If I just include the letter the secretary would have no way to know who the letter is for.</p>

<p>I put it at the end of the application, after the essays.</p>

<p>I'll be submitting my applications electronically.</p>

<p>Then just send it in the mail with a separate note (with your name) indicating that it is for your application file.</p>