Supplementary Resources help!?

I am applying regular decision for Yale and a big part of my application is an app that I am working on to improve food security by diagnosing crop diseases. Because I mentioned it throughout multiple essays, I was thinking of attaching a pitch video of the app as a supplemental material, but am not sure if that would be the right move or not.

So the questions are:

  1. Should I submit a pitch video (including an app demonstration), even if it is not mentioned as one of the supplementary materials to include in the application?
  2. Would this help me, considering it would prove that the app exists, even if it’s not a finished product?

I am not sure if they want to hear it again if you have already mentioned it in different places. I may be wrong.

Anyone know if I can submit a pitch video showing a demonstration of the app working etc?
Should I email the admissions counselor?
Thanks guys for the comments.


You don’t get in because you (over) emphasize one thing you’re working on. Especially not when it’s holistic and a tippy top and expects a high level of understanding what does matter.

In the other thread, you say this is a start-up, now you describe it as an app. You do have work at the food pantry, but more important can be what you actively do to better conditions around you. Not a solitary project. I’d also wonder if this sort of app exists elsewhere. There is a lot of existing concern over this. Eg, those of us in New England see it all the time re: ocean productivity cycles. (Right now, they’re predicting an upcoming lobster issue. Again.)

They want the right rounding, some in rigorous ways, some simply peer oriented, etc. It sounds like you’re looking for a spike, but don’t miss the forest for the trees. Spike is an extra, when everything else lines up. And pushng something on the basis of it being a later professional interest can be risky.

Thanks for all your insightful comments! I will definitely have to think about putting a pitch for the startup/app, but a major reason I was thinking about doing so is to show how it is not a generic idea to me and I think it has a lot of merit/ its originality from some of the existing solutions out there. As far as the professional interest bit, I can definitely say that I am trying to show that I am interested in entrepreneurship/computer science by developing the concept.

AO sometimes send musical submissions to the music dept, because AO are not qualified to judge musical talent. Where should they send your submission?

IMO, it’s a bad idea. If you submit it, let us know how it turns out.

I think you may be missing what does impress. This is the college app. Not a job hunt or proposal for funding. You could have the best idea in the world, and it’s not what leads to an admit.

Yale isn’t looking to be an “incubator.” Not looking for freshmen to line up with a business plan. Not evaluating how solid yours seems or how excited you are about it.

You can refer to it. Maybe work a line or two about it into some other section. But it won’t weigh in your reviews. Too much emphasis on it can even make them wonder how you do understand them.

This is your decision. But try to get a sense of what they do want, how they see the 4 year experience they offer.

Thanks for your feedback! I will definitely not be sending in a pitch video now