Supplimental Materials at CWRU

<p>Hey everyone!
I am applying to Case Western and was wondering whether i should send them a three-page research paper i completed on gravitational lensing and dark energy. If so, then how do i do that. I haven't seen anything about Case Western's policy on supplemental online. Do they even accept supplemental materials?
Thanks in advance for the answers!</p>


<p>please does someone have a reply??</p>

<p>You really don't need it. They might find it interesting, but you don't need it. You can always e-mail admissions and ask them though. Or submit it through CommonApp as your essay!</p>

<p>YES. Absolutely send case supplemental stuff, not as a substitute for your essay but in the supplemental area of the common app. </p>

<p>I sent in some testimony I provided to my state's House of Representatives last May; not only did they read it but they told me in my acceptance letter how much they liked seeing it! (in a little PS)</p>

<p>Case really cares about your essays and what you've done aside from school. Worst case (and most unlikely) is they won't read it - send it!</p>