Supply Chain/Logistics

<p>I want to work in Supply Chain Management/Logistics when I graduate, but none of the schools in my area have this major. No Industrial Engineering or Operations Management, either. What should I major in?</p>

<p>Go to a different area honestly.</p>

<p>Not really financially feasable. I will be living at home while I complete my Bachelors' degree.</p>

<p>Then you have not much of an opportunity to get into the field. A degree is job training, and you won't have the proper training to be in SCM with a degree in mechanical engineering or marketing.</p>

<p>If you absolutely will not move (which is a very myopic position if you think about the implication of a 4 year decision on a 40 year career), then you will need an additional degree after graduation. Either you spend 2-3 years in non-logistics positions then earn an MBA or go immediately into an MS in Industrial Engineering program. For the latter, you'll need an engineering undergraduate degree, and pretty much any field will do but ME is the most broad. For the former, you can look up general advice for top undergraduate programs for MBA's.</p>