<p>I am attending PSU this year and I read in the US News college edition that that school is ranked #5 for SUPPLY CHAIN... Is that a good major to get into? Does it provide good jobs... and lastly, what exactly is it?</p>

<p>It can pay very well, at my school (ranked #3 in supply chain) graduates start out making $75k. I doubt that trend will continue though. Once a number of people have that degree the pay is bound to decrease; it's not exactly the most difficult major.</p>

<p>As for what it is...Well, it's complicated, haha. Basically everything from shelf space to shipping to negotiating terms with suppliers and establishing communication networks.</p>

<p>Here's a description of it:
This major includes the functions of planning, organizing, and controlling the flow of purchased materials into and out of the organization. Attention is given to analyzing and selecting vendors, price determination, value analysis, and disposal of scrap and surplus materials. Emphasis is also on the efficient use of transportation services by business management within a framework of logistics systems, government transportation policy relative to freight and passengers transportation, and the management of transportation shipper and carrier organizations. Graduates are employed by industrial firms, carriers, and governmental agencies.</p>

<p>Supply Chain Management is the management of resources to design, procure, fabricate, produce, assemble, store, distribute, deliver, use, maintain, recycle and dispose of goods and services.</p>

<p>A "supply chain" consists of interconnected components required to transform ideas into delivered products and services.</p>

<p>Supply Chain Management is a business approach that focuses on integration and partnerships in order to meet customers' needs on a timely basis with relevant and high quality products, produced and delivered in a cost effective manner.</p>

<p>Current interest in Supply Chain Management stems from the need of world-class organizations to purchase, produce, move and market goods and services on a global basis. Relentless focus on time, cost and quality have sharpened the need to coordinate and cooperate with business partners around the world in order to meet and exceed customers' needs and wants.</p>